1 LST001 A Cost-Benefit Optimization Model for Maintenance and Rehabilitation Activities of Roads
2 LST002 A General Study on Life Cycle Cost Analysis for Roads
3 LST003 A Laboratory Study on Use of Bitumen Emulsion in Gravel Road
4 LST004 A Study on Effects of Saturation on Soil Sub grade Strength
5 LST005 A Study on Use of Waste Polyethyle in Bituminous Paving Mixes
6 LST006 Application of Clustering Techniques in Defining Level of Service Criteria of Urban Streets
7 LST007 Bicycle Level of Service in Urban Indian Context
8 LST008 Comparison of Pedestrian Fundamental Diagram a Cultural and Gender Aspect
9 LST009 Development of Traffic Sign Asset Management System in Indian Context
10 LST010 Development of a Low Cost Road Roughness Measuring Device
11 LST011 Effect of Mix Parameters on Performance and Design of Cold Mix Asphalt
12 LST012 Effects of Highway Geometric Elements on Accident Modeling
13 LST013 Empirical Studies on Pedestrian Dynamics Evacuation And Queue
14 LST014 Impacts of Roadway Condition, Traffic and Manmade Features on Road Safety
15 LST015 Laboratory Evaluation of Bond Between Bituminous Paving Layers
16 LST016 Level Of Service Criteria Of Roads In Urban Indian Context
17 LST017 Level of Service Criteria of Urban Walking Environment in Indian Context Usingcluster Analysis
18 LST018 Modeling Critical Gaps for U-Turn Vehicles at Median Openings Under Indian Mixed Traffic Conditions
19 LST019 Operational Analysis of Roundabouts Under Mixed Traffic Flow Condition
20 LST020 Perception Based Pedestrian Level Of Service
21 LST021 Rheological Study of Sulphur Modified Bituminous Binder
22 LST022 Simulation of Runoff and Flood Inundation in Kosi River Basin using Hydrological Models, Ann, Remote Sensing and GIS
23 LST023 Level of Service Criteria of Urban Streets In Indian Context Using Advanced Classification Tools
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