1 LSS001 Study of Major Elements of an Elevated Metro Bridge
2 LSS002 Dam Break Analysis Using Mike11 for Lower Nagavali Dam and Rukura Dam
3 LSS003 Shear Demand and Shear Deformation in Exterior Beam-Column Joints
4 LSS004 Bearing Capacity of Rectangular Footing Resting Over Geogrid Reinforced Sand Under Eccentric Loading
5 LSS005 A Study on Bearing Capacity of Submerged Rock Foundation
6 LSS006 Load Carrying Capacity of Reinforced Pond Ash Beds
7 LSS007 A Study on Modes of Rock Failure Under Uniaxial Compression
8 LSS008 Effect of Confinement on Curvature Ductility of Reinforced Concrete Beams
9 LSS009 Effect of Diaphragm Discontinuity in The Seismic Response of Multi-Storeyed Building
10 LSS010 Numerical and Experimental Investigations on Vibration of Delaminated Composite Shell
11 LSS011 Evaluation of Response Reduction Factors for Moment Resisting Rc Frames
12 LSS012 Free Flexural Vibration of Multiple Stepped Beams by Spectral Element Method
13 LSS013 Vibration, Buckling and Dynamic Stability of Stepped Beams With Multiple Transverse Cracks
14 LSS014 Free Vibration Analysis of Twisted Functionally Graded Material Plates
15 LSS015 Non Linear Buckling Analysis of Laminated Composite Twisted Plates
16 LSS016 Vibration And Buckling Analysis of a Cracked Stepped Column Using Finite Element Method
17 LSS017 Higher Modes Natural Frequencies of Stepped Beam Using Spectral Finite Elements
18 LSS018 Seismic Risk Assessment of Rc Framed Vertically Irregular Buildings
19 LSS019 Effect of Setback on Fundamantal Period of Rc Framed Buildings
20 LSS020 Influence of Joints on Rock Mass Strength Through Modeling
21 LSS021 Implications of Major International Codal Design Provisions for Open Ground Storey Buildings
22 LSS022 Analysis of Composite Plates Using Element Free Galerkin Method
23 LSS023 Pushover Analysis of Steel Frames
24 LSS024 Numerical Studies on Tuned Liquid Damper
25 LSS025 Analytical Study on Torsional Behavior of Rc Flanged Beams Strengthened With Glass Frp
26 LSS026 Experimental And Numerical Study on Dynamic Behavior of Composite Beams With Different Cross Section
27 LSS027 Behaviour of Shallow Strip Foundation on Granular Soil Under Eccentrically Inclined Load
28 LSS028 Study on Parametric Behaviour of Single Cell Box Girder Under Different Radius of Curvature
29 LSS029 Behaviour of Laminated Composite Twisted Plates Subjected To In-Plane Loading
30 LSS030 Vibration And Stability of Composite Panels With Geometrical Discontinuities
31 LSS031 Free Vibration of Rods, Beams and Frames Using Spectral Element Method
32 LSS032 Performance Assessment of Multistoreyed Rc Special Moment Resisting Frames
33 LSS033 Strengthening of Shear Deficient Rc T-Beams With Externally Bonded Frp Sheets
34 LSS034 Identification of Cracks in Beams Using Vibrational Analysis
35 LSS035 Vibration and Buckling of Composite Twisted Panels Subjected To Hygrothermal Loading
36 LSS036 Seismic Evaluation of 4-Story Reinforced Concrete Structure by Non-Linear Static Pushover Analysis
37 LSS037 Vibration Analysis of Composite Beam with Crack
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