1 LSP001 A General Model for Trust
2 LSP002 Customer Reviews Based on product Management System
3 LSP003 Compatible Privacy-Preserving Distributed Classification
4 LSP004 Credit Card Fraud Detection
5 LSP005 Online Social Networking Site for Social Responsibility
6 LSP006 Predicting Missing Items in Online Shopping
7 LSP007 Professional Interactions System
8 LSP008 Ranking Based Real Estate Quality Assurance System
9 LSP009 My Smart Price
10 LSP010 User Improving Data Quality
11 LSP011 Hiring Occupation Authority HR
12 LSP012 Finesse Technique Administration System
13 LSP013 Automation of Civil Courts
14 LSP014 Bus Seat Reserve Allocation System
15 LSP015 Civil Crisis Administration Management
16 LSP016 Criminal Integrity Information System
17 LSP017 Domain Information
18 LSP018 E-Learning
19 LSP019 Health Care Policy
20 LSP020 Hyperspace Bank Solutions
21 LSP021 Incredible Country Man
22 LSP022 Integral Erection Portal
23 LSP023 Digital Library Management System
24 LSP024 Online National Tourism Management System
25 LSP025 Online Quiz
26 LSP026 Employee Scheduling and Time Sheet System
27 LSP027 Medical Warehouse Business Distribution System
28 LSP028 Project Management Plan
29 LSP029 Universal Book Store
30 LSP030 University Administration System
31 LSP031 Avoid Food Wastage
32 LSP032 Complain Management System
33 LSP033 Courier Management System
34 LSP034 Entity Extraction System
35 LSP035 Home Appliances Online Purchase
36 LSP036 Intranet Mailing System
37 LSP037 Leave Management
38 LSP038 Online Bidding System
39 LSP039 Online Notice Board
40 LSP040 Online Polling For Publishers and Brands
41 LSP041 Online Shopping
42 LSP042 Online Tour(My Tour)
43 LSP043 Secured Data on Public Clouds
44 LSP044 Student Information System
45 LSP045 Web Based Learning System
46 LSP046 Web Doctor
47 LSP047 Net Banking
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