1 LSM001 3D Analysis of Combined Extrusion-Forging Processes
2 LSM002 A Brief Study on Dynamics of Viscoelastic Rotors – An Operator Based Approach
3 LSM003 A Study of the Effect of Cryogenic Treatment on the Performance of High Speed Steel Tools and Carbide Inserts
4 LSM004 Active Vibration Control of Rotating Composite Shaft System
5 LSM005 Analysis of Gyroscopic Effects in Rotor-Disc Systems
6 LSM006 Analysis of Stiffened Rectangular Plate
7 LSM007 Comparative Study between Various Reduced Model and Modal Analysis of Viscoelastic Rotors
8 LSM008 Computer Aided Design and Analysis of Swing Jaw Plate of Jaw Crusher
9 LSM009 Design and Analysis of Kinematic ally Redundant Planar Parallel Manipulator for Isotropic Stiffness Condition
10 LSM010 Diagnosis of Damages in Beam Structures Using Vibration Parameters and Artificial Intelligence Techniques
11 LSM011 Dynamic Analysis of Fixed-Fixed Beams
12 LSM012 Dynamic Modeling of Afm Cantileverprobe under Base Excitation System
13 LSM013 Dynamic Response of a Beam Structure to a Moving Mass Using Green’s Function
14 LSM014 Dynamic Stability Analysis Of A Sandwich Beam With Functionally Graded Material Constraining Layer
15 LSM015 Effect of Environment on Mechanical Properties of Bagasse Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite
16 LSM016 Elastic Plastic Fracture Behavior and Effect of Band-Overload on Fatigue Crack Growth Rate of An Hsla Steel
17 LSM017 Fault Detection of Cracked Cantilever Beam Using Smart Technique
18 LSM018 Fault Diagnosis of Inclined Edge Cracked Cantilever Beam Using Vibrational Analysis and Artificial Intelligence Techniques
19 LSM019 Finite Element Based Vibration and Stability Analysis of Functionally Graded Rotating Shaft System under Thermal Environment
20 LSM020 Free Vibration Analysis of Sandwich Panel
21 LSM021 Free Vibration and Thermal Analysis of Randomly Oriented Carbon Nano Tube Based Functionally Graded Beam
22 LSM022 Hydrodynamic Analysis of Different Textured Profile Thrust Bearing
23 LSM023 Identification of Transverse Crack in a Cracked Cantilever Beam Using Fuzzy Logic and Kohonen Network
24 LSM024 Investigation In To Tribo Potential of Rice Husk (Rh) Char Reinforced Epoxy Composite
25 LSM025 Investigation into Mechanical and Tribological Properties of Ipomoea Carnea Reinforced Epoxy Composite
26 LSM026 Life Prediction Model for Creep-Fatigue Interaction of P92 Advanced Grade Martensitic Steel
27 LSM027 Mechanical and Solid Particle Erosion Behavior of Modified Rice-Husk Filled Epoxy Composite
28 LSM028 Mechanical and Tribological Behaviour of Coconut Shell Char Reinforced Polymer Composites
29 LSM029 Mechanical Characterization and Soild Particle Erosion Response of Particulate Filled Jute-Epoxy Composites
30 LSM030 Navigation of Automatic Vehicle Using Ai Techniques
31 LSM031 Navigation of Mobile Robot in Cluttered Environment
32 LSM032 Navigation of Mobile Robot Using Fuzzy Logic Controller
33 LSM033 Optimization of Support Parameters In Mining Terrain Using Artificial Intelligent Techniques
34 LSM034 Passive Viscoelastic Constrained Layer Damping For Structural Application
35 LSM035 Piezoelectric Transduction Mechanism for Vibration Based Energy Harvesting
36 LSM036 Prediction Of Fatigue Crack Propagation Life In Single Edge Notched Beams Using Exponential Model
37 LSM037 Prediction of Inverse Kinematics Solution of a Redundant Manipulator Using Anfis
38 LSM038 Preparation and Characterization of Waste Silk Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites
39 LSM039 Rub-Impact Analysis in Rotor Dynamic Systems
40 LSM040 Simualation of Electro-Hydraulic Servo Actuator
41 LSM041 Static Analysis of Cross - Ply Laminated Composite Plate Using Finite Element Method
42 LSM042 Static and Dynamic Analysis of High Contact Ratio Spur Gear Drive
43 LSM043 Study of Dynamic Stress and Life Estimation for Viscoelastic Rotor-A Finite Element Approach
44 LSM044 Study of Modal Behaviour of Viscoelastic Rotors Using Finite ElementMethod
45 LSM045 Study of Water Absorption Behaviour of Natural Fibre Reinforced Composites
46 LSM046 Study on the Effect of Pre-Corrosion on Crack Initiation and Fatigue Life of an luminum Alloy
47 LSM047 Study on the Effects of Band Overload on Fatigue Crack Growth Retardation
48 LSM048 Teaching Learning Based Optimization Applied To Mechanical Constrained Design Problems
49 LSM049 Thermal Network Theory for Switchgear Under Continuous Current
50 LSM050 Vibration Analysis and Control of Rotating Composite Shaft Using Active Magnetic Bearings
51 LSM051 Vibration Analysis and Damping Characteristics of Hybrid Composite Plate Using Finite Element Analysis
52 LSM052 Vibration Analysis of A Cracked Beam With Elastic Support
53 LSM053 Vibration Analysis of Composite Beam
54 LSM054 Vibration Analysis of Cracked Beam
55 LSM055 Vibration Analysis of Tapered Beam
56 LSM056 Weathering Behaviour of Bagasse Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite
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