In House Project Development

Developing applications to meet business needs relies on technology, tools and technical architectures. To meet the demand for critical business applications in shorter time frames, many organizations are striving to improve their application development processes.

Traditional means for optimization do not address one key process that is a major consumer of developers’ time and effort - application problem resolution. Industry experts estimate that developers spend 30%-60% of their time identifying and correcting defects reported by testing and escalated by support staff. This process, referred to as application problem resolution, is common to all development organizations, regardless of their industry, development method, and platform.

Our application development and systems integration services offer consulting and delivery expertise in end-to-end systems integration and custom application development. Our services are designed to drive innovation and expansion into new marketplaces while reducing overall costs.

We offer comprehensive software solutions that enable more comfort and ease-of-use to clients’ business operations. We devise and develop full-range of customized IT applications by proper assessment of requirements, prototype development, meticulous system analysis and design, application development, robust testing with high levels of quality assurance and deployment.

Our development services include:

Need analysis and definition

Prototype design

System design

Application development

Testing and quality assurance

Deployment and maintenance

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