1 LSJ1201 A Network Coding Equivalent Content Distribution Scheme For Efficient Peer To Peer Interactive Vod Streaming Parallel & Distributed Systems
2 LSJ1202 On Optimizing Overlay Topologies For Search In Unstructed Peer To Peer Networks Parallel & Distributed Systems
3 LSJ1203 Automatic Discovery of Association Orders between Name and Aliases from the Web using Anchor Texts-based Co-occurrences
Knowledge & Data Engineering
4 LSJ1204 Cloud Data Production for Masses Cloud Computing
5 LSJ1205 Clustering With Multi View Point – Based Similarity Measure Knowledge & Data Engineering
6 LSJ1206 Cooperative Provable Data Possession for Integrity Verification in Multi-Cloud Storage Parallel & Distributed Systems
7 LSJ1207 Distributed Packet Buffers For High Band Width Switches & Routers Parallel & Distributed Systems
8 LSJ1208 Efficient Fuzzy Type – A Head Search In Xml Data Knowledge & Data Engineering
9 LSJ1209 Fast Data Collection in Tree-Based Wireless Sensor Networks Mobile Computing
10 LSJ1210 Foot Print Detecting Sybil Attacks In Urban Vehicular Networks Parallel & Distributed Systems
11 LSJ1211 Game-Theoretic Pricing for Video Streaming in Mobile Networks Mobile Computing
12 LSJ1212 Hand Written Chinese Text Recognition By Integrating Multiple Contexts Pattern Analysis & Machine Intelligence
13 LSJ1213 In Tags We Trust: Trust modeling in social tagging of multimedia content Signal Processing
14 LSJ1214 Learn to Personalized Image Search from the Photo Sharing Websites Multimedia
15 LSJ1215 Multiparty Access Control for Online Social Networks: Model and Mechanisms Knowledge & Data Engineering
16 LSJ1216 Online Modeling of Proactive Moderation System for Auction Fraud Detection Secure Computing
17 LSJ1217 Organizing User Search Histories Knowledge & Data Engineering
18 LSJ1218 Packet Loss Control Using Tokens at the Network Edge Networking
19 LSJ1219 Packet-Hiding Methods for Preventing Selective Jamming Attacks Secure Computing
20 LSJ1220 Ranking Model Adaptation for Domain-Specific Search Knowledge & Data Engineering
21 LSJ1221 Risk-Aware Mitigation for MANET Routing Attacks Secure Computing
22 LSJ1222 Self Adaptive Contention Aware Routing Protocol For Intermittently Connected Mobile Networks Mobile Computing
23 LSJ1223 Slicing: A New Approach to Privacy Preserving Data Publishing Knowledge & Data Engineering
24 LSJ1224 Ensuring Distributed Accountability For Data Sharing In The Cloud Secure Computing
25 LSJ1225 Adaptive Opportunistic Routing for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks Networking
26 LSJ1226 Vehicle Detection in Aerial Surveillance Using Dynamic Bayesian Networks Networking
27 LSJ1227 Catching Packet Droppers and Modifiers in Wireless Sensor Networks Parallel & Distributed Systems
28 LSJ1228 Energy-Efficient Cooperative Distribution with Statistical QoS Provisions Video Over Wireless Networks
29 LSJ1229 CCD A Distributed Publish Subscribe Framework for Rich Content Format Parallel & Distributed Systems
30 LSJ1230 Confucius: A Tool Supporting Collaborative Scientific Workflow Composition Secure Computing
31 LSJ1231 An Efficient and Secure Solution for the Problems of ARP Cache Poisoning Attacks Secure Computing
32 LSJ1232 An Efficient Caching Scheme and Consistency Maintenance in Hybrid P2P System Wireless Comunications
33 LSJ1233 Cut Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks Parallel & Distributed Systems
34 LSJ1234 Bootstrapping Ontologies for Web Services Service Computing
35 LSJ1235 Protecting Location Privacy in Sensor Networks against a Global Eavesdropper Mobile Computing
36 LSJ1236 A Secure Erasure Code-Based Cloud Storage System with Secure Data Forwarding Cloud Computing
37 LSJ1237 HASBE: A Hierarchical Attribute-Based Solution for Flexible and Scalable Access Control in Cloud Computing Cloud Computing
38 LSJ1238 Outsourced Similarity Search on Metric Data Assets Cloud Computing
39 LSJ1239 Bloom Cast: Efficient and Effective Full-Text Retrieval in Unstructured P2P Networks Parallel & Distributed Systems
40 LSJ1240 Design, Implementation, and Performance of a Load Balancer for SIP Server Clusters Networking
41 LSJ1241 Independent Directed Acyclic Graphs for Resilient Multipath Routing Networking
42 LSJ1242 Measure Routing: A Framework for Routing Assisted Traffic Monitoring Networking
43 LSJ1243 RIHT: A Novel Hybrid IP Trace back Scheme Networking
44 LSJ1244 Detecting and Resolving Firewall Policy Anomalies Secure Computing
45 LSJ1245 Detecting Spam Zombies by Monitoring Outgoing Messages Secure Computing
46 LSJ1246 Handling Selfishness in Replica Allocation over a Mobile Adhoc Networks Mobile Computing
47 LSJ1247 Latency Equalization as a New Network Service Primitive Networking
48 LSJ1248 Toward Reliable Data Delivery for Highly Dynamic Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Mobile Computing
49 LSJ1249 Toward Secure and Dependable Storage Services in Cloud Computing Service Computing
50 LSJ1250 Load-Balancing Multipath Switching System with Flow Slice Cloud Computing
51 LSJ1251 Incremental Information Extraction Using Relational Databases Knowledge & Data Engineering
52 LSJ1252 Scalable and Secure Sharing of Personal Health Records in Cloud Computing using Attribute-based Encryption Parallel & Distributed Systems
53 LSJ1253 Double Guard: Detecting Intrusions in Multitier Web Applications Secure Computing
54 LSJ1254 Cloud Computing Security From Single to Multi Clouds Cloud Computing
55 LSJ1255 Optimal Source-Based Filtering of Malicious Traffic Networking
56 LSJ1256 Effective Pattern Discovery for Text Mining Knowledge & Data Engineering
57 LSJ1257 Enabling Multilevel Trust in Privacy Preserving Data Mining Knowledge & Data Engineering
58 LSJ1258 BibPro A Citation Parser Based on sequence alignment Knowledge & Data Engineering
59 LSJ1259 Document Clustering in Correlation Similarity Measure Space Knowledge & Data Engineering
60 LSJ1260 Horizontal Aggregations in SQL to Prepare Data Knowledge & Data Engineering
61 LSJ1261 Design and Implementation of TARF: A Trust-Aware Routing Framework for WSNs Secure Computing
62 LSJ1262 Efficient and Accurate Discovery of Patterns in Sequence Datasets Data Mining
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